Frequently Asked Questions:
When does the billing cycle start, and stop if I rent a limo?

The charges for our limos start at the beginning of the pickup and end once we reach your final destination and drop-off. Keep in mind that in some cases driving times apply. The balance of the total bill will then be charged to the customers credit card or it can be paid in full depending on the arrangements which were made on the contract.

Does Lions Limos have a minimum hourly requirement?

Limo reservations through Lions Limos have a two hour minimum for jobs which are booked from Sunday through Friday. Saturday reservations have a three hour minimum.

Can I smoke in the limo?

No. Unless you notify in your reservation that you want a vehicle which permits smoke, the answer is no. Most of our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles and we’ve designated a certain portion of our fleet as “smoking only” vehicles and they must be reserved.

Once I’m inside the limo, can I make requests to the driver?

All of our limousines and executive travel vehicles feature intercom systems which allow all guests to connect with their chauffeur. We encourage all of our guest to feel at home with all of our professionally trained chauffeurs and it is our goal to provide you with an experience like no other.

Do you have insurance?

Yes all of our limos/ party buses/ luxury coaches are all fully insured and one of our representatives would love to answer any questions or address any of our concerns.

Can I have alcohol in the limousines?

If you are of legal drinking age then you are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Most of our limos already come stocked with with fine crystal glasses and our in car bars also feature an ice chest and free non-alcoholic beverages unless otherwise specified.

If damage occurs to the vehicle who will be liable?

If any damage occurs to the vehicle as a result of carelessness or reckless behavior then the party responsible for booking the limousine will be held fully responsible. At Lions Limos we pride ourselves in providing clean, reliable and plush transportation out of respect to our clients and we expect the same for our vehicles.

If my party or event runs longer than normal with the limo leave? And how does this affect the pricing?

Should your event run longer than expected you must notify the driver so he can check the schedule. If your reservation is not followed by another booking then it will not pose a problem and the driver will go over the rates prior to your confirmation and agreement for extended service.

Do I tip the driver? Or is it added in the bill?

Gratuity and tax are not added but tips are highly appreciated by our drivers.